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Discovering Height in Psychotherapy: A Journey through Psychosynthesis (hint: watch the video to understand the height reference!)

Updated: Feb 7

As a psychotherapist based in London, I have always been deeply invested in understanding the human psyche. Recently, I had the opportunity to share my journey and insights in an interview with and in a video about Psychosynthesis on YouTube (see video below). This blog post offers an overview of the key points I discussed in the interview, touching upon my path to psychotherapy, the principles of Psychosynthesis, and my experiences as a therapist. For a more comprehensive understanding and additional insights, I encourage you to explore the full interview and video through the provided links.


The Path to Psychotherapy

Fascinated by human behavior from a young age, my path led me from a keen interest in mental health to the fashion industry, and finally, back to psychotherapy. This journey was guided by intuition and a deep-seated curiosity about the human mind.


Training and Specialization

My academic journey took place at the Institute of Psychosynthesis, complemented by a Master's degree accredited by Middlesex University. Psychosynthesis, with its holistic approach, felt like a calling, aligning deeply with my personal and professional ethos.


Psychosynthesis Therapy: A Holistic Approach

Psychosynthesis therapy, a journey to the root of issues, integrates Eastern philosophies and mindfulness techniques, offering a comprehensive path to healing. This approach recognizes the potential within each individual, even amidst their challenges.


Impact on Diverse Conditions

Effective in managing conditions like anxiety and ADHD, Psychosynthesis addresses the complexities of the human psyche, facilitating a harmonious internal balance.


Clientele Insights

My practice predominantly sees individuals and couples, navigating existential crises and seeking deeper meaning in life. Relationship challenges, whether familial or romantic, are a common focus.


Observations on Mental Health Trends

There's a noticeable shift in attitudes towards mental health, especially among younger generations. This shift is redefining traditional milestones and sparking a quest for personal meaning.


The Therapist's Perspective

The most rewarding aspect of being a therapist is forming deep connections and impacting lives positively. The challenges, particularly around therapy endings, emphasize the importance of a respectful closure process.


Influential Readings

Books like "Waking the Tiger" by Peter Levine and "Daring Greatly" by Brené Brown have been instrumental in my professional and personal development. I often recommend insightful literature to clients.


Personal Mental Health Practices

I maintain my mental health through nature walks, art, music, travel, and regular therapy sessions, ensuring a balanced and reflective lifestyle.


The North London Experience

My practice benefits from the cultural diversity of North London, working with clients from various creative industries.


Creating a Welcoming Space

My consultation room is a sanctuary of comfort and inspiration, designed to be a safe and nurturing environment.


Therapy: A Mutual Journey

I advocate for an open, reciprocal relationship in therapy, emphasizing the importance of client-therapist transparency for effective healing.


Learning from Each Client

Every therapeutic interaction enhances my understanding and adaptability, highlighting the resilience and uniqueness of each individual.


My journey in psychotherapy is a testament to the power of following one's intuition and the transformative impact of Psychosynthesis. For a deeper dive into my experiences and insights, I invite you to read the full interview on and watch the video linked below on YouTube.



Watch the video about Psychosynthesis below:


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