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Reflections on Passion: A Candid Chat with The Cara Woodhouse Collective

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with The Cara Woodhouse Collective about the vibrant theme of "Lust for Life." This transition from the high-energy fashion industry to the reflective world of therapy has opened up new avenues of understanding and connection. Uncovering my path while navigating fashion industry challenges lead to a deeper engagement with mental health and healing for me.

Our conversation ventured into the essence of my practice, intertwining spirituality with personal growth, particularly within the dynamic context of couples counselling. We also touched on life's small pleasures, like moments with my pets Luna and Kiki, and how art and performance continue to inspire me.

Discussing passion, we explored its vital role in life and love, emphasizing the need for continuous engagement, communication, and shared journeys in maintaining vibrant relationships.

The interview offered a moment to ponder the forces that drive us and the ways we forge bonds of love and understanding. For more on our thoughtful exchange and some personal revelations, take a look at the full feature underneath.

Here is a link to the full feature - however you have to join Behind the Velvet Rope to gain full access:

Illustrations by Kelly Beerman and Photography by

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